Tikis Paintball of Tampa
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Dye Paintball Proto Rail MaXXed - Navy/Tan

Price $324.95

Quick Overview

The Rail MaXXed includes the following features in addition to the standard Rail: Proto 2-Piece 14" barrel Dye UL on/off Bottom line (ASA) Macro line kit Dye Lock down Leaver Lock clamp feed neck Proto Padded Gun case Increased Flow Hyper3� In-line Air Regulator Anti-chop Break Beam Eye System 155psi Operating Pressure Continuous Three-Dimensional Contoured Body Design Proto Dual-Density Injection Sticky Grip LED Program Control with Four Tournament Modes and Rate of Fire adjustment Ultralite� Ergonomic 45 Frame Ultralite� Aluminum Trigger Self cleaning Eye Pipe* technology with integrated ball detents Screwed together bolt kit with metal back cap for easy access.