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Dye Paintball Proto Rail - Gold (Out of Stock)

Price $249.95

Quick Overview

The Proto Rail features Fuse Bolt Technology. Color coded o-rings for simplified maintenance, and a host of other features make the Rail the gun of choice. The durable Rail solenoid features consistent air flow, with a dwell of 40 milliseconds. The small, light weight Hyper3 regulator provides high flow and smooth velocity adjustment, with a non-slip grip. The ultimate in ergonomic comfort, the Ultralite Frame is equipped with an adjustable trigger. The solid construction consists of an aluminum body, bolt and trigger. The Rail was deigned for top-level performance at a reasonable price.

The Rail comes with a parts kit, Dye Slick Lube, Barrel Sock and 9-volt. Key Features of the Proto Rail

  • One Pice 11" Proto Barrel
  • Increased Flow Hyper3 In-line Air Regulator
  • Anti-chop Break Beam Eye System
  • 155psi Operating Pressure
  • Continuous Three-Dimensional Contoured Body Design
  • Proto Dual-Density Injection Sticky Grip
  • LED Program Control with Four Tournament Modes and Rate of Fire adjustment
  • Ultralite Ergonomic 45 Frame
  • Ultralite Aluminum Trigger
  • Adjustable Clamping Feed neck
  • Self cleaning Eye Pipe technology with integrated ball detents
  • 12. Screwed together bolt kit with metal back cap for easy access.